Latvijas Gāze reaches the peak of the TOP 100 largest exporters

With starting to sell larger volumes of gas outside Latvia in 2021, Latvijas Gāze enters the top of exporters for the first time and immediately reaches the top five.

The increase in exports was ensured by the volumes of gas sold to Estonia, Finland and Lithuania. Last year, 4.2 TWh of natural gas was sold abroad, while in 2020 - 3.3 TWh, but in 2019 - 1.4 TWh. Natural gas sold abroad accounted for 28% of the total sales in 2021. The main factors behind last year's sales growth were increased demand for natural gas as economies recovered from the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and rising consumption due to lower temperatures during the heating season.” comments Jānis Kalējs, Head of the Wholesale Department of Latvijas Gāze, who manages natural gas trade outside Latvia.

“TOP 100” is a compilation of major export companies in Latvia, specially prepared by the Central Statistical Bureau at the request of the portal “Delfi”.

Despite the fact that the pandemic in 2021 still slowed down the economic development of the countries, the volume of sales of goods abroad of the Top 100 exporters in Latvia reached 7.7 billion euros, or 20% more than in 2020. Last year the first five exporters exported goods worth 1.56 billion euros. In 2021, remarkable Latvian exporters such as the timber industry company Kronospan Riga, the IT equipment manufacturer Mikrotīkls, the electronics equipment wholesaler Samsung Electronics Baltic and the metal products manufacturer and trader Severstal Distribution retained their stable positions in the top.

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